Speaking With Skill : an Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speech Work.

Knight, Dudley.

Speaking With Skill : an Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speech Work. - London : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013. - 1 online resource (458 pages). - Methuen drama . - Methuen drama. .

Cover; Title Page; Dedication; Contents; Preface; How to use this text; Introduction; Part 1: Making sounds; 1 Silence; 2 The space that shapes sound; 3 From silence to sound; 4 The muscles that shape sound: the tool kit; 5 "Phthong" shaping; 6 Obstruents: obstructing the flow; Part 2: Finding language; 7 Exploring the limits: Outlandish; 8 Obstruents within language; 9 The physical actions of obstruents in language; 10 The empty obstruent chart; 11 Making your own language; An interlude: a daily articulation warm-up; Part 3: Phonetics; 12 Writing it down; 13 Writing the consonants. 14 Sound to word15 Writing the vowels; 16 American vowel phonemes; 17 New vowels for diphthongs; 18 All the vowel phonemes; 19 Combinations; 20 Mid-central offglide diphthongs; 21 Polysyllabic words; 22 Connected speech; Part 4: The skills of intelligibilty; 23 Formal and informal speech; 24 Consonant skills; 25 Vowel skills; 26 Putting it all together; Audio Tracks; Footnotes; Acknowledgements; eCopyright.

Dudley Knight is one of the most respected voice and speech teachers in North America and highly regarded internationally.' Janet Madelle Feindel, Professor of Voice and Alexander, Carnegie Mellon University, author of The Thought Propels the Sound Actors and other professional voice users need to speak clearly and expressively in order to communicate the ideas and emotions of their characters-and themselves. Whatever the native accent of the speaker, this easy communication to the listener must always happen in every moment, onstage, in film or on television; in real life too. This book, an i.

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